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Automotive Businesses

Whether you are in the automotive supply chain, a single site dealership, a small to medium sized dealer group right through to a large PLC you will have specialised IT requirements. It might be that like all small and medium businesses you need professional IT support and management, or perhaps you have a need for …

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Small Businesses

As a small business you ideally want access to IT support and an IT Manager. But in reality few small businesses can afford the overheads of a full-time IT Manager, so most find a ‘local computer company’ to look after their computers. There is an alternative option. Our customers benefit from the combined knowledge and …

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Medium Businesses

As a medium sized business you have reached the size where you may be considering employing a full-time IT person. Do you go for an experienced IT Manager, someone at the start of their IT career, or somewhere in-between? That decision will depend on a number of factors, including your budget.  But remember that full-time …

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