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Managed & Monitored Antivirus Software & Email Scanning

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Many small to medium businesses install antivirus software on an adhoc basis with each PC doing it’s own updates and having it’s own settings. This approach may work for a handful of computers but is less than ideal as you have to manually check if each machine is up-to-date. As your business grows this will either become a heavy burden or more likely a security risk as these checks probably won’t happen. Keeping track of all the individual subscriptions can be a headache too.

At Inside I.T. Solutions we have an alternative model for antivirus software provisioning. Instead of buying annual licenses either individually or for a block of PC’s, we can supply you a centrally managed antivirus system from Trend Micro, one of the worlds leading security vendors, on a pay as you use model. This means you can purchase  as few as 2 licenses and increase or reduce the number of licenses as required. There is no initial outlay you simply pay for what you use.

There are three elements to our antivirus offering:-

  • If you have a server and your computers are nearly always based on-site then you can opt for a server based managed antivirus system. The server handles the downloading of all the updates and pushes these to your desktop and laptop computers.
  • If your staff are more mobile or if you don’t have your own server then you can opt for a hosted, cloud based, managed antivirus system. Each PC will handle it’s own updates but these are still managed and pushed by the server.
  • Finally, we offer cloud based email antivirus and spam scanning. This scans all your email before it is even delivered to your email server. If you have your own in-house email server this can give you a large increase in available bandwidth on your Internet connection. This is down to the system blocking some 90-95% of email as virus infected or spam.

When linked with our Remote Monitoring & Management system we can continually monitor to ensure that all your computers have the antivirus software installed, running and are up-to-date. Any computers that fail any of these checks automatically create a Ticket in our IT Service Desk so that we can resolve the issue before it becomes a problem.

If you are interested in learning more about how Inside IT Solutions flexible approach to managed & monitored antivirus software & email scanning could protect your business then please contact us on 01926 340015 or 0845 475 5549 or fill out the contact form to the right and somebody will be right back to you.

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