Without Inside IT providing....

IT support services to T L Darby we would not have been able to move forward and embrace all the additional technology that has been required to run our business.

We do not have within our business the in house IT skills necessary to cope with all our IT requirements or those that Volkswagen demand of us. The ability to log issues with your help desk and take advice regarding all aspects of IT has taken considerable pressure off of me and the team here. This has allowed us to keep doing what we are best at, selling and servicing motor vehicles, while knowing all of our IT requirements and issues are attended to promptly by yourselves

Chris Rendell, Consultant
T L Darby Volkswagen

Inside I.T. Solutions have...

been looking after our systems since the late 1990’s, and we are more than happy with the service that they provide. Helpdesk support is always there when we need it. The team is small enough to know our systems but big enough to be able to respond when needed, with the expert knowledge that we expect. We handle a lot of issues in house, but their backup and support is excellent for the larger issues that we have and the more time consuming ones. They are also able to supply hardware at competitive prices, which can make support easier when they are looking after product that they have supplied.

David Alston, Director
Cordwallis Group

In today’s competitive world...

the need to focus on your primary business environment is key to your success. Being in partnership with Inside I.T. Solutions ensured our IT infrastructure and platforms allowed us to become leaders in our industry.

Our relationship with Inside I.T. Solutions was always seen as a strategic rather than a support function for our business. This always enabled the IT requirements of the business to be a driver rather than handcuffs to our business.

Over the course of the 10 years we have been working with Inside I.T. Solutions we developed industry leading products that not only helped to develop our own business but were then taken to the wider market. When developing the Vehicle Sales Daily Operating Control, the close nature of our partnership with Inside I.T. Solutions showed in their inherent understanding of our business and more importantly our business needs.

Guy Rowson, Group Finance & Operations Director
Colborne Garages Ltd

Having used the services...

of Inside IT Solutions since 2012, I would highly recommend them to any other businesses looking to outsource their IT support.  They are a very professional and friendly team who respond quickly to any requests made to their helpdesk and we know that we can always rely on them for good, cost effective advice when we are considering enhancing our IT architecture, and we are always confident that they are acting in our best interests.

Relationship is key to what we do as a company and knowing we have a partner that we can trust to look after our IT on a day to day basis and keep us informed of any system or equipment issues, leaves us feeling very confident we made the right choice.

Paul Tanner, Managing Director
Tanner Automotive Ltd

We have worked with Inside IT for 10 years...

When we first met the team our IT was not necessarily in the best shape but through plain  and relatively easy to understand advice we were able to transform our IT platform. As we expanded we were able to bring in other branches to our system with their help and also improve those branches facilities with the innovation we had already identified. We embarked on some major projects over this time and Inside I.T. Solutions were always supportive and helpful even when other contractors were doing their best to make things difficult!

The most important differentiators of Inside I.T. Solution, are that they are acutely aware of the need to cause the minimum of disruption to the day to day business during the implementation of any project, they do not load up the business with unnecessary costs and when you need them in a day to day support function they are always immediately available. They all understand that the IT is there to support the business, not the other way around.

John Walsh, Director & Co-owner,
Colborne Garages Ltd.