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IT Support for Small Businesses

As a modern small business you almost certainly depend on your IT Systems to run efficiently and effectively. You may have specific Small Business IT Support requirements or be unsure how best to use IT to further your business. You will also just need your IT systems to work and probably don’t have either the time or the knowledge to focus on making sure things work smoothly.  IT moves so fast so how can you keep up with the developments that may be relevant to your business? However, as with any small business you simply cannot afford to employ an IT professional.

There are many Small Business IT Support companies and computer companies out there that claim they can provide you with the best IT support. However, if you really drill down into the detail they are either a small “one man band” or a larger outfit where they employ a lot of IT Professionals. Whilst the “one man band” might be cheap you still have two problems: 1) He or she will want a holiday and where does that leave you?;  2) If they are tied up in a meeting with another client and you have a problem you have to wait until they are done.

At the other end of the spectrum you have the large IT companies to whom you are just a tiny number. The price, however, won’t be tiny. The service will probably be frustrating as the person you get to talk to has to keep asking higher level support for advice, they are often little more than a reception service, logging tickets and following a script.

At Inside IT Solutions we do Small Business IT Support a little differently. Firstly, most of our staff are experienced IT Managers in their own right. So when someone answers your call or receives your ticket they are experienced enough to deal with it and to take ownership of the problem until it is resolved. Meaning your issue is resolved more quickly. Our clients think of us as their internal IT department as we become embedded into your business, hence the name Inside IT Solutions. We look after your Small Business IT support so you can focus on running your business. We also make sure that your systems are aligned to your business goals, and offer proactive advice so that your IT systems enable your business to flourish rather than hold it back.

We also monitor all your systems with our Remote Monitoring & Management system. That means we get an early warning if something is going wrong on your systems and can take preventative measures as early as possible. These systems would only normally be available to large companies with an IT department and budget to match. Most IT providers offering this level of service charge 4–5 times the amount we charge.

Every client is assigned a lead IT Manager, so you have a named person to come to with any strategic Small Business IT Support queries, or for advice on specific business requirements.

If you are interested in learning more about how Inside IT Solutions could improve your Small Business IT Support then please contact us on 01926 340015 or 0845 475 5549 or fill out the contact form to the right and somebody will get right back to you.