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As an Automotive business you may fit into either the small business or medium business sectors. You probably have many of the same problems and requirements as other businesses of a similar size, but at Inside IT Solutions we understand you have some slightly more specialised IT requirements too. We have a wealth of experience in Automotive IT Support across the automotive supply chain, alongside service centres and franchised motor retailers.

At the retailer end of things there are two parts of our Automotive IT Support and Management:-

For the single site dealership through to small to medium sized dealer group we provide outsourced Automotive IT Support and Management. We understand the DMS solutions that you use such as CDK Autoline (Kerridge), Pinnacle, RTC and others. We also understand the more complex IT requirements placed upon you by the manufacturers and the need for reliable diagnostic laptops. However,you may by now be asking what it is exactly we do given that you already have a DMS supplier. The simple answer is that we provide the IT expertise that binds these elements together. We are your IT Manager and your IT department.

At the supply chain end of things we understand you also have some specific IT requirements including more powerful workstations for CAD systems or your communications with vehicle manufacturers to ensure your orders are received in a timely fashion to enable you to deliver your products when they are needed.

This is what some of our extremely satisfied customers have to say about our Automotive IT products and services:-

Without Inside IT providing....

IT support services to T L Darby we would not have been able to move forward and embrace all the additional technology that has been required to run our business.

We do not have within our business the in house IT skills necessary to cope with all our IT requirements or those that Volkswagen demand of us. The ability to log issues with your help desk and take advice regarding all aspects of IT has taken considerable pressure off of me and the team here. This has allowed us to keep doing what we are best at, selling and servicing motor vehicles, while knowing all of our IT requirements and issues are attended to promptly by yourselves

Chris Rendell, Consultant
T L Darby Volkswagen

If you are interested in learning more about how Inside IT Solutions could benefit your Automotive IT business then please contact us on 01926 340015 or 0845 475 5549 or fill out the contact form to the right and somebody will be right back to you.

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